Arctic Pipe Freezer Spray Kit 200ml 1 Pk

Arctic spray pipe freezers have been used by professional plumbers for over 35 years. Suitable for 8-15mm pipe, it can freeze a 15mm copper pipe in less than 10 minutes and will remain frozen for up to 35 minutes - allowing ample time for the repair work to be carried out without the risk of flooding. Includes Artic freezing jacket.

Product Information

  • Pipe freeze kit, lasts up to 35min per application
  • Easy and quick way to repair pipework
  • Lowers costs by removing the time normally needed to drain the entire system
  • Can be used on a variety of pipes, including MDPE, lead, galvanised, copper, plastic and underfloor heating pipes
  • Designed to freeze pipes up to 15mm external diameter
  • Sales Part No: S159
  • Outer: 1
  • EAN No: 5012704003558
  • Net Weight kg: 0.75
  • Width mm: 70
  • Length mm: 118
  • Height mm: 202
  • Manufacturer: Arctic Hayes Ltd
  • Material: Non-flammable formula
  • Pack Quantity: 1

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